Start from bottom and make big money in Real Estate

6 Most Effective Steps to build a Real Estate Company from the Bottom.

6 Steps to start a real estate company - euchomes

1. Create a Lead Generation Strategy


You cannot take away Lead generation from any business, because it’s an important part of all businesses. The real estate business is no exception. Irrespective of your role in a real estate business, you need to have a constant flow of leads to get more business. Having a lead pool is essential for all kinds of real estate businesses, be it a mortgage lender, realtor, or even house flipper.

The number of leads that get converted into real business deals is quite low. As a result, every real estate businessman looks forward to getting more and more productive leads. So, if you don’t have any initial capital, but still want to enter the world of the property market, then becoming a facilitator of leads can be a very good option. You can become a link between the buyer and enthusiastic real estate agents and realtors.

To be successful in this line, you can always start generating leads at a local level. You may also use your contacts to find if anyone in your network, the locality is looking forward to either buying, renting or selling a property.

Steps to follow in a lead generation business may be:

  • First, find clients or agents who are looking for a property and create your database of the interested parties.
  • Then search for sellers. This can be done on the internet.
  • Once clients are identified, sell your leads. The price per lead will depend on the locality and the quality of the lead.

Be honest with your leads always. And try to generate high-quality leads too.


2. Partner with a Real Estate Investor

6 Steps to start a real estate company - euchomes

Having a real estate investor as your partner can open gates to new opportunities for your real estate business.

So, if you find an excellent property for investment but don’t have the resources to close that deal. You can find someone ready to invest money and help you in closing that deal.

Many investors want to invest money in real estate, but either don’t have time or they don’t want to handle all the administrative or managerial works related to property. You can become a partner with such an investor and fulfil your dream of running a successful real estate business, while the investors get a hassle-free opportunity to invest in real estate.


Work on partnership terms with the investor. Such kinds of partnerships are ideal in case of rental or fix and flip property dealings. If you have good managerial and administrative skills, you can start your own real estate business without worrying about finances. Just need to find the right partner, who can take care of the financial requirements of your business.


3. Use Investment Leverage

6 Steps to start a real estate company - euchomes

Using leverage in an optimized manner is an art. In this case, the investor can use borrowed funds put in property dealings as their leverage. However, one has to be very sure when making such investments. The aim is to get a higher return on investment in comparison to the rate of interest levied on the borrowed money.

If you don’t have money to start your real estate business, then using leverage can similarly be a very good option. You can borrow money against the equity of your existing property. You can then invest this borrowed money to buy a new property. This way, you can start your property business by using the borrower’s money.


4. Sign-Up for Rent-to-Own Investments

6 Steps to start a real estate company - euchomes

Another way of starting a property dealing business with no capital is through rent-to-own-investment. Many people use their lease agreements as an entry path for the property estate industry.

In this case, the investor signs the buy option while renting the property. This means that the renter can purchase the property at a particular time, as per the terms mentioned in the rental agreement. By following this method, the investor can lock the promising property and still keep on looking for other new options.


5. Sell a Developer’s Property

6 Steps to start a real estate company - euchomes

If you have no money and still looking for opportunities to start your own property estate business, then you may opt for selling property on behalf of developers. New housing and residential projects keep coming up in the market. You have to contact the developers and sign a contract to sell their properties. You can easily search for these developers online.

Using this strategy, you advertise and sell the developer’s properties and earn a commission on each closed deal. The commission or cut varies from project to project and also depends on the type of property sold.

Obviously, commissions earned for selling luxury properties is much higher compared to the budget segment properties, so you might want to target the high-end properties, too.


6. Make sure you close the Deal and Get the Cut


Many realtors don’t want to get into the complication of registration of the property. They act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller. Once the deal is closed, they take their cut and move forward. Registration is the concern of the developer.

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