How To Convince a Tough Client To Invest in Real Estate: A Complete Guide!

How to Convince a tough client to invest in real estate - euchomes


10 Proven Steps To Convince a Tough Client To Invest in Real Estate: A Complete Guide.

The newbies in Real Estate Property Business find t difficult to close a deal. Even some experienced Realtors sometimes had some tough times sealing a big deal in Real Estate. Below are the tested and proven steps you can implement and get any client to invest in your properties.

1: Talk Less & Listen carefully to the client’s needs:

You may gain little by rushing your clients to buy a property. Instead, try to understand your client and let them know that you’re there to listen to their negotiations and concerns. Make them know that you’re working in their best interest.

Imagine you’re working with a couple who have children. Your clients will probably want a location that’s near a school and leisure centres for the kids. So, assess things from their perspective and suggest properties that best suit their needs. That way, they’ll feel valued, and they’ll appreciate you more for thinking about their needs.

2: Speak the same language with your client.

Speak the language your clients use. Although you exude a wiser and more knowledgeable appearance by using technical words with your clients, you might end up scaring them away. This is true, especially for first-time buyers. Your clients might opt for an agent whom they can relate to.

On top of that, using too much jargon might only lead to miscommunication, especially if your clients aren’t familiar with the terms you’re using. With such, you’re better off using simple terms that most clients will understand.

3: Re-Invent your self/Upgrade your skills daily

Your clients need to know that you’re credible, so provide facts and statistics to back your statements. By doing so, you’ll gain your client’s trust, and they’ll be more likely to believe that you’re knowledgeable in your field.

However, before you can start sharing your thoughts, you must first ensure that you know what you’re talking about. So, read more about the current news in your industry and get to know each factor. That way, you can answer your clients’ queries accurately.

4. Post Creative and relevant content on your online platforms

Then, you should also offer relevant content. Clients always look for information, so it pays to have highly curated and relevant posts on your website and social media accounts. Instead of merely selling a property to your clients, try providing valuable content.

You can do this by uploading educational videos or designing infographics containing real estate tips. Your clients will be more likely to keep up with your social media accounts if they see something valuable from you. If you can, you can also try writing blogs and sharing them on your social media platforms.

Or, if you want to be more personal, send emails containing helpful information to your customers. A few things you can talk about in your content are:

  • Real estate tips and tricks
  • How-to Guides
  • Reports on the current real estate weather

Nowadays, customers don’t want to be bombarded with blind sales pitches. Instead, they want something useful in their daily lives, and if you can provide that, you could gain traction and maintain visibility. The more they appreciate the information you provide, the more likely they’ll purchase properties from you.

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5: Provide Professional Videos

Click here to watch EUC homes Professional Videos on Youtube If your competitors aren’t doing it already, it’s a great way to stand out and be recognized by customers. Only a few real estate agents utilize this medium on their website, even though more than half of clients are looking for videos of the house they’re interested in.

To take advantage of this demand, produce a simple but good quality video showcasing the property you’re selling. Keep the video concise so as not to lose the client’s attention.

Also, make sure to maintain one major point in your video as opposed to multiple overarching topics. For instance, your video should either be showing the features of the property or testimonials from previous buyers, but not the combination of the two. Doing so lessens the possibility of confusion among your clients.

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6. Suggest alternatives

Hearing you pitch the same property over and over again, may put off a prospective buyer. In case, you have seen that the buyer is not interested in the said property, suggest alternatives to them. Do not be driven only by the commission you make.

7. Be ready with important tips for buyers

Your client may be worried about the expenditure he/she may have to incur on purchasing a property. They may look uncertain, even frustrated, which is natural and most often rooted in inexperience. This is the best time to offer help. For example, suggest banks that they can approach for the cheapest home loans or help them understand government schemes that can help save money. Additionally, going that extra mile and helping with paperwork and documentation, will please even the toughest of clients.

8. Ask for reviews and recommendations

It is a good practice to ask for feedback, once you have closed the deal. If you are maintaining a website for your business, ask a satisfied customer for their recommendation. Over the years, this may be just the thing needed to convince a tough client about your experience and service quality.

9. Be available

Putting off a tough buyer will always irk them. Ensure you are available when you have committed to being available for them. Tough clients do not entertain no-shows or long delays. If this looks difficult for you, be upfront and ask them to give prior notice before a meeting with you. More than merely trying to please them, your skills and punctuality as a broker will appeal to a tough client.

1. Strike the right balance between professionalism and friendliness

Most people like brokers who are friendly and advise them into buying the right property. However, people are unlikely to like any broker who is not professional. With tough clients, a broker must guard themselves by not stepping out of their limits and should cultivate the skills to communicate with clarity.

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