You are currently viewing Euc Homes Consultants Award Hunting Year 2019

Euc Homes Consultants Award Hunting Year 2019

Dear Esteem EUC HOMES Partners,

From time to time we will be doing online marketing, the purpose is that whatever we post here for you, you will edit it, add your telephone number and send it out to all your.

WhatsApp contacts
Facebook page
Instagram page
Twitter page
Linkedin page
YouTube etc

Our assignment is to PUSH YOU TILL YOU MAKE SALES…

And if you have been making sales before now, then my assignment is to PUSH YOU HARDER TILL YOU MAKE MORE SALES…

The Ceo of EUC Homes is ready to give out “Not just 1 car at the end of year party 2019 but as many cars as possible” to those who qualify to earn it, Tell yourself every morning as you wake up that you will be ONE OF THE WINNERS.

And winning is not just about talking alone, you need to have “ACTION PLANS” for this new week, set your goals and target and watch yourself achieve what you never thought possible before…

This is what you start to earn at the end of the year party:
1. Highest selling consultant to get a Toyota Camry 2014 model,( Sell plots of land worth N40M to Qualify)

2. Highest Recruiting Consultant to get a plot of land in one of our estates, ( Recruit up to 500 people to qualify)

Kindly Visit Our Portal To start Recruiting Now

Happy Hunting…

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