8 Best Places to live in Abuja, The no 5 will shock you (2022 Updated!)

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(2022 Updated!) 8 Best Places to live in Abuja, The no 5 will shock you (A Must Read!)

When you talk about luxury lifestyle, Abuja got you covered. It’s one of the best and most expensive places to live in Nigeria. Abuja is the eighth-most populous city in Nigeria. The home of Nigeria’s political and administrative capital.

A city filled with beautiful and luxurious houses, job opportunities, and luxury real estate.

The city boasts of a large granitic rock called ASO rock, the supreme court, Nnamdi Azikwe international airport, the National assembly, and the presidential complex.

This article explains in detail the affordable and expensive places to live in Abuja.

As a young couple or a young guy willing to start a family, you might want to consider living in the following places listed below

1. Lugbe Abuja:

A residential and densely populated area in Abuja. This area shares proximity with the Abuja airport and the Central business district of Abuja. One major disadvantage of living in this location is that its prone to heavy traffic due to the airport around it. It boasts malls which made it an area for leisure and shopping. The location also boasts of other big companies such as the National Space Research And Development Agency, Nigerian Biotechnology Agency. The business and social activities have skyrocketed in the growing population of Lugbe. If you are looking forward to living in this area, you are good to go.

2. Kuje Abuja:

This suburb in Abuja is largely dominated by stores selling provisions, phones, music compact disks, building materials, and so on. Renting an apartment in this location is relatively cheap because it’s a developing part of Abuja. Kuje has many government and private schools, in case you are looking up to raising your children here.

3. Kubwa Abuja:

One of the major residential districts in Bwari, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja. The community is known to be clean by neighbouring communities, visitors, and residents. Some of the community members’ activities in keeping the community clean include; voluntary sanitation and cleaning, and compulsory market sanitation which is usually held on Thursday. Highly dominated by middle-income earners and the community is also dominated by supermarkets, shops, etc.

4. Karu Urban Area:

This area shares a boundary between Nasarawa and the Federal Capital Territory. It is a fast-growing urban area of Abuja attracting several other businesses such as banks, hospitality firms, engineering firms, etc
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Below are Locations in Abuja where the most luxurious real estate investment is situated

5. Wuse Abuja:

This is one of the liveliest places to live in Abuja. If you are the type that loves to flex a lot, then Wuse Abuja is for you. it shares proximity with Maitama and it is a very busy place to live. Renting an apartment here is relatively expensive. Living in Wuse gives you the opportunity to enjoy the presence of high-end restaurants and the nightlife is second to none.

6. Asokoro:

This is one of the most high-class districts in Abuja. It is a haven for top government officials. This is why real estate in this district is very expensive. Being a location for top government officials guarantees maximum security. The district boasts of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), World Health Organizations (WHO), and the National Intelligence Agency.

7. Maitama:

This district is also dominated by high-end neighbourhoods, good roads, maximum security, and power supply, among other amenities. It boasts of a number of distinguishing places; Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), British Council, Transcorp Hilton e.t.c

8. Garki:

This is another notable district in Abuja located on the southwest side. The principal district of Abuja has expensive supermarkets and malls. The location boasts of the Central Bank of Nigeria, National Assembly, Aso rock, and International conference centre among others.

In conclusion

The adage always says; to cut your coat according to your size. Abuja has affordable and expensive places you can stay. It all boils down to your monthly income.

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