5 Reasons you should buy Beach Front Properties (Seriously)

5 Reasons you should Buy Beach Front Properties at (OCEANWOOD COURT Eleko Beach Ibeju Lekki)

As a Real Estate Company (EUChomes) who is highly committed to be one of the most outstanding Unique and Elegant Real Estate Firms in Africa. It’s also part of our duties to advice our prospective clients and our consultants why they should invest in a Beach Front Properties in Lagos Nigeria.

We all have seen how the Beach Front Properties in Lagos has transform since the inception of Bar beach.  Many more private beaches have been developed, currently, Lagos have over 50 privately own beaches, and more are still developing.

Now let me break down the main point why you should invest in Beach Front Properties when it’s still affordable:

1: Beach front Properties have a higher resale market value:  Let me burst your brain; Do you know that Hotels built near the beach are more expensive per night than most of the hotels in other area. Also do you know that all the beach lives in Lagos are 24hrs every day! To own a property in the Beach front area will cost you twice of what you would need to buy a property in other area. So why not buy when it’s still Developing.

2: The Nature bonds family Together: The therapeutics, the excitements, the play ground and the fun associated with beach front sides can not be over emphasize how they collectively bond your family together. with your kids always wanting to play with the beach sands. you surely love the feelings when ever you hanged out with your family to a beach resort.

3: Encourages an Active lifestyle: A beach front view is never a dulling place, even if you’re not an active person, you will be fascinated by so many activities going on there; such as Workout, Running, Volley ball, Horse riding and a lot more.

4: My Home, Your Vacation: The homes at the beach front area can either be used for vacation activities or you can decide to make it your home. this is just another advantage of owing a property on a beach front area.

5: Higher Rental Demand: Properties at the beach front are in constant rental demand. you can decide to build a full commercial resort for rent or build a private home which you can rent when ever you traveled. This video below is from Oceanwood courts and Extension  https://www.oceanwoodcourts.com/


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