Top three (3) locations you must start buying lands from In Ibeju Lekki right now! (Urgently!)

The Criteria to look into when investing in Real Estate (Lands, buildings…) is Proximity to Developments and Infrastructures. Ibeju Lekki will overtake several other regions in Lagos, and Africa in terms of growth and development. This is evident in various ongoing development in this axis of Lagos State. Examples— Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki Deep Sea Port, Lekki International Airport, the 4th Mainland Bridge, The Golf Courses, just to mention a few. More reasons why the richest man in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, several other companies, investors, and individuals (who get foresight) are already positioning themselves and businesses here– Ibeju Lekki— because in the next few years, it’s going to be like “Had I know, I would have invested here when other people are investing when it relatively cheap.

Below are the three most Powerful Locations you should start investing in right now:

1: Ibeju Agbe town: This is a fast-rising community that is tagged the educational and Smart City Hub of West Africa. more International Schools and Tech Companys are Choosing here as their Proposed Locations. below are the confirmed companies in this location.

Things built here: 

A: International Australian Academy 

B: Pan African university 

C: The new international airport 

D: Twitter Tech Hub

E: Lagoon Court Estate by Euchomes 

F: Brooksville Estate by Euchomes

2: Oshoroko town: This is the fastest developing city in West Africa. This is also the community that host The 19 Billion dollar Dangote refinery, $2.571b Lekki Free Trade Zone and the rest. More companies are still coming through. below are the things built here.

Things built here: 

A: Lekki Free Trade Zone

B: Dangote Refinery 

C: Lekki Deep Sea Port

D: Power Oil Factory 

E: Dano Milk Factory 

F: Cherrywood Court Estates by Euchomes

3: Onosa Town: This fast-rising city is proposed to be the new Nature Park of Lagos. Just as you can experience in any golf court around the world. You can agree with me that in space of 10 years from now, this community would be the next Banana Island of Lagos. Below are some of the things built here already.

Things built here:

A: Lagos Golf Court

B: Pan Atlantic University 

C: Hampton Courts estate by Euchomes

In Conclusion, With these development going on in the Ibeju Lekki, especially these three powerful locations listed above, you can be assured that anybody who had the privilege to invest here and refused to do so, will definitely regret it in the next 10 years.

Some of the Cheapest Estates to get you started with your investment in this location are; Lagoons Court, Brooksville, Cherrywood court and Hampton Court.

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