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The Dubai of Africa

Lekki Free Trade Zone ( Lekki FTZ) covers a total area of about 30 square kilometres with 27 square kilometres for urban construction purposes, which would hold a total of 120, 000 residents . Approximately 50 kilometres from the city centre of Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria , Lekki FTZ borders Lekki Lagoon in the north and faces the Atlantic in the south .

Lekki FTZ designed to integrate industries , commerce & business, real estate development, warehousing & logistics , tourism & entertainment etc. A considerable number of construction works will be carried out in the Commercial & Logistics Park, including the international commodities & trade centre , the international exhibition & conversation centre , industrial factories , office buildings, hotels and residential apartment buildings. The Commercial & Logistics Park on the long runs is expected to serve as the logistics and distribution centre of Chinese products in West Africa and represent a service demonstration base for the entire Lekki FTZ .

To be sure, Lekki’s deep-seaport will be one of the most sophisticated in the world, and the area’s vast size will provide for warehouses storing millions and millions of trade wares. Of course, the compliment of a nearby refinery will make the zone an important energy export hub as well.

The port according to plan will create over 162,000 jobs and help to facilitate decongestion at Nigeria’s other ports, built initially to handle 60,000 tonnes, but which are now handling over 100,000 tonnes of car.

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