Proven Best Tips To Brighten Up A Dark Living Room – (Seriously)

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Proven Best Tips To Brighten Up A Dark Living Room

Most rooms need more light and  colorful art works to spice up a dull and dark atmosphere you would see if you leaves it  untouched. Below are proven steps on how you can add brightness and spice your room to the best standard.

Paint the ceiling with bright white:

A white ceiling makes the room clearer. Ensure you paint the ceiling with the clearest and the brightest white and avoid cream or off-white.

Trim trees close to windows:

Trees serve as a provider of oxygen to the natural environment. Asides from that, they also beautify the environment. On the other hand, they can lower natural lighting from reaching the room when close to the windows. The best way out of this is to trim trees close to the windows so as to improve natural lighting to penetrate in.

Maximize light with mirrors:

Mirrors are a good tool for reflection. Placing mirrors opposite the window will help to bounce and reflect as much natural light all through the living room. Mirrors can also be placed in other places where natural light can be reflected. Like the on the bookshelves, mantles, and so on.

Ensure you keep the windows clean always:

Keeping clean windows increases your chance of getting as much natural lighting in your room. The windows should be kept free from dust and dirt that can easily hinder light from getting into the room.

Avoid window blinds:

window blinds are meant to reduce the amount of light that enters your room. Using a window blind will do you no good than to darken your rooms more. Instead, use glass windows for easy penetration of light.

Choose matte surfaces:

Attention needs to be paid to the kind of surfaces you settle for. A glossy surface will provide a reflection of sunlight that is very bright while a matte surface will reflect light in all directions without hurting your light.

Be strategic with your artworks:

If you are a lover of artworks, it is crucial to be mindful of the kind of artwork you are displaying in the room. Dark artworks should be placed in rooms with more lighting because they absorb light. Instead, use light artworks for easy reflection of light.

In conclusion

Sometimes, most rooms are not dark because something obstructed the natural lighting from penetrating in. It might be due to the type of interiors or heavy curtains used.

A lasting solution to this is to improve the reflection of interiors and use bright colors in painting your rooms.

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