9 Things To Know Before Renting A House In Lagos – (Urgently)

9 Things To Know Before Renting A House In Lagos – (Urgently)

The thought of living in Lagos as well as buying or renting a house in Lagos is undoubtedly an exciting one. Lagos is a big and exciting city, regardless of the everyday hustle which Lagosians are used to. It is the most populous city in Nigeria and the land of many dreams.

However, in most cases, actualizing your dreams of finding an apartment for rent in Lagos can be a daunting task.

Regardless of whether you are doing this for the first time or not, renting a house in Lagos is not always a joyride. Lagos is a busy and fast-moving city with a lot happening at the same time. A good number of persons in Lagos make it a point of duty to leverage other people’s ignorance to swindle them. However, this ordeal is not peculiar to just Lagos.

Every move comes with its own stress and challenges regardless of the location. Making hasty decisions as a house-hunter in Lagos can lead to months or possibly years of regret. You might have the perfect picture of the type of apartment you want, however, there are other little and major clues you are bound to miss out on if care is not taken.

To avoid falling victim and having to regret a decision that should have been a happy one, it is important to do the right thing at the right time. That being said, below are 9 things to know before renting a house in Lagos, Nigeria

Consider the location

First things first, before going into all of these, it is expected that you have a clear idea of the type of house you want to rent. Decide whether you want a two-bedroom apartment, a duplex, a mini-flat or any other type of apartment in Lagos. Once that is settled, the next thing to move on to is the location of the house for sale.

The location of a house or any property for rent determines affects a lot, especially your budget. Remember this is Lagos and prices of houses for rent differ from place to place. The price of a house for rent in Yaba cannot be the same as the price of an apartment for rent in Lekki. Your budget for a 2 bedroom flat for rent in Lagos will largely depend on the location of the house in question.

In house-hunting, location is a principal factor as it in some way determines how well you will enjoy or dread your stay in your new home. Have you considered if the house you plan to rent is in a remote part of Lagos? How close is it to the major market? And most importantly, is it in proximity to your place of work or business?  These are things to consider before renting a house in Lagos.

In cases where you are unsure about the location and what its advantages are to you, go online.  You can either have a look for yourself or search for properties on online listing sites such as PropertyPro.ng and Nigeriaproperycenter   These sites offer descriptions of different properties in various areas in Lagos as well contacts with real estate agents.

Fix a budget and stick to it

Now that you have a good knowledge of the price range of properties within the location you desire, fix a budget. Your budget should be something you can stick to come what may. Before preparing your budget, write down the cost of all the expenses. From the cost of renting the apartment, transportation, cost of repainting, tenacity agreement and so on.

Renting a house in Lagos can be financially draining, however, sticking to a good budget would have to tackle that. As mentioned earlier, your choice of location is a determining factor when budgeting.

Check out the neighbourhood

You might begin to wonder what the difference between the location and neighbourhood is. These are both similar, however, in checking out the neighbourhood, your motives are quite different. When renting a house in Lagos, you need to know the type of neighbourhood you will be moving into.

How serene or lousy is it? Is it in a gated estate? What facilities can be found within? What is the price of houses around the area? Is it properly landscaped? Are the drainage channels properly covered? How is the electricity supply in the neighbourhood? All these and more are important questions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask during the process of renting an apartment in Lagos.

Compare the price

This is an essential thing to do before renting a house a Lagos. Don’t just settle for what the real estate agents throw on your table. While taking your tour around the neighbourhood, ensure to get a word or two about the prices of properties for rent within the area. Comparing prices helps you settle for the best deal. However, if there’s no choice, you might end up busting your budget.

Meet with the landlord

You may or may not have kick-started the process of renting a house in Lagos. Either way, this step is one you shouldn’t miss at all. This is why it is important to take a tour around before renting an apartment. It gives you the opportunity to get to ask about the landlord and how he treats his tenants.

This is Lagos and there are lots of crazy landlords who derive joy in making life miserable for their tenants. If you have the opportunity, you can also meet with the landlord and have good conservation with him. He will be in a better position to tell you all you need to know about the house.

In some other cases, agents inflate the prices of properties just to make more profit. Dealing with the landlord directly helps you avoid such.

Find out about the tenancy agreement

renting a house in Lagos

Before signing any document with regards to renting a property, it is important you take time to read through it. Whatever you put a signature on means you accept and can be used against you. This is why renting a house in Lagos isn’t a process you rush.

Everyone knows this tenancy agreement can be quite lengthy, boring and confusing. However, if you cannot read it through by yourself, send it down to your lawyer to take care of it. It helps you to be on the safe side come what may.

Ensure it is a secure neighbourhood

The importance of a secure neighbourhood cannot be unmined. Although there is no absolute guarantee of the safety of lives and properties in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria. It is still very necessary to ensure there is something you can count on. Check for burglary proofs, on the windows and doors, gated residence, gated estates with security as well as proximity to a police station.

Availability of social amenities

One of the features of a good neighbourhood is the presence of basic and social amenities. From electricity supply, good roads, clean water, shopping centres, worship centres, schools, hospitals and more. Without these amenities, living in the neighbourhood might turn out to be an unplanned nightmare.

This is why before renting an apartment in Lagos, you should ask the right questions and always see for yourself.

Collect your receipt

This is just as important as every other factor mentioned above. After making the necessary payment required to rent the property, ensure you collect your receipt. It serves as proof that you not only paid to be there but are permitted to stay for as long as your payment lasts. Your receipt your name as well as that of the landlord, the date of payment, the amount paid, the location of the property and the length of time the payment lasted.

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